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Superbowl XLVI (Feb 2013)

is just around the corner - its time for a

football squares pool

. Forget the messy markers, rulers and trying to draw 10 equal lines. Forget the last minute trips to the supermarket to find the cardboard to draw on. For the low price of $12.95 $9.95  let your laptop or computer keep track of this years

football squares

game. Just in time for the playoffs and the



Football Squares Screen Shot
click for larger image

Features of Football Squares

  • Print out the grid, or export to a JPEG file and post on a web-site. (Sample)
  • Colorful animations
  • Predictions for fieldgoals and touchdowns
  • Game password protection
  • Configurable - counts number of

    football squares

    selected and totals cost
  • Random number drawing after all

    football squares

    have been selected
  • Current Winners name can be seen from across the room
  • Online and Offline modes: Online


    updated automatically

    (2013 version for 2013 season, including superbowl 2013)


  • Football Squares
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