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Purchase Football Squares



You can now pay securely via

Total Amount to be Charged: $12.95 $4.95  USD
Your order:
Squares 2013 - (for the entire 2013 season)
Delivery Method: Download

I will abide by the laws that govern gambling in my state.
My target machine meets the minumum requirements for Microsoft® DotNet Framework v2.0. (Included with Installer)

After you have successfully paid the processor, you will be brought back to our site to download the full version.

After clicking the "Continue" button, please wait for a few seconds and you will access the credit card processor's page. We do not have access to any of your pay information, except for the confirmation received from the processor company. The processor( will also send you an email (usually within a few hours) confirming your purchase. For any problems or inquiries, please use our "Contact Us" page and we respond all inquiries as soon as we get them. The staff is available 24*7 and can resolve all issues very swiftly. Thank you.


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