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How to play Football Squares Pool

Superbowl is coming up around the corner, as is the college bowl games, and in order to throw a great party you need to keep your guests entertained. Decorate in the team colors. Provide plenty of beverages and football fan fare, hotdogs/burgers And of course a football pool to keep even the novices interested in the football game.

Here's How to setup football squares the old fashioned way:

  1. Get a posterboard, pen, ruler and a deck of cards.

  2. Make a 10 by 10 grid on the paper, so you have a square block of 100 cells.

  3. Write the name of the home team across the top of your grid and the visiting team along the side of your grid.

  4. Assign a dollar value to each cells which is suited to the tastes of ALL your guests.

  5. Sell all 100 squares.

  6. Once you've sold all 100 squares to your guests, decide on a payout schedule, this can be done before or after the squares are sold, (purse) and assign the following prizes; 10% of total purse for correct 1st quarter score, 10% of total purse for correct 1/2 time score, 10% of total purse for correct 3rd quarter score, 70% of total purse for correct final score. See below for other possible payout schedules, just be sure to choose one before the games starts.

  7. From your deck of cards, set aside one set of numbers ace (1) through 10.

  8. Shuffle your ten cards and then flip them over in order, recording the numeric value along the top of your grid, with ace having a value of 1 and 10 having a value of 0. Repeat this procedure along the side of your grid as well. - If you don't have a deck of cards, simply write the numbers 1-10 on pieces of paper and draw each one out of a hat, without replacing them back into the hat.

  9. Your 10 by 10 grid should now have a number representing each column along the top and each row along the side and should have one of your guests names accompanying each of the 100 cells contained in the grid.

  10. Record the official score at the end of the 1st quarter, the half, the third quarter and the final score.

  11. Cross reference the last number in each teams score as it relates on your grid to determine which of your guests wins each quarter pot.

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