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Football Squares

Version : 2013 - (for the 2013 season, through SuperBowl 2014)
Size : 2 MB
Date: 8/19/2012
Platform: Windows 7,Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP
System Features :
Colorful animations
Predictions for fieldgoals and touchdowns
Game password protection
Configurable - counts number of square selected and total cost
Random number drawing after all squares have been selected
Current Winners name can be seen from across the room
Includes installation of Microsoft® DotNet Framework v2.0 for simple installs.
Online and Offline modes - Online the scores updated automatically.
History :
  Upgraded dotNet Framework
  Installer added to launch after install
  added random select of squares
  changed menus
  added statistics view
added ability to pay later - settle up
  Vista Compatible
  Only current sesason software retrieves online scores.
  Vista Compatible
  Upgraded to DotNet 2.0
  CHANGE: Only current sesason software retrieves online scores.
  Payout now displayed in Titlebar and on Printout
  Ability to manually enter the column numbers instead of the computer randomizing the numbers.
  Custom payout entry - which calculates the payout based on cost per square.
  Online remembers the date of game and returns online date automatically.
1/2/2004 - Added Printing of the Grid and Exporting of the Grid to image files. Prints landscape, perfect for passing out at parties or sharing in the office pool, or export image and post on a website, or email to players.
  New Animations
  Ability to read games from list on server, select date, games show up in selection box
  Added Manual mode for college games
  Added configuration screen
  Added right click menu and options
  Improved square selection
  Improved performance
2/2/2002 - v1.0 was ready just in time for Superbowl XXXVII.
1/18/2002 - Added ability to set current score automatically from a file.
1/16/2002 - Added the serialization to "squares.xml" so that multiple machines could be displaying the scoreboard. Basically copy squares.xml over to other machines after all the squares have been taken.
1/14/2002 - Added in some features like showing the next predictions based on touch downs and field goals, Since my laptop is ontop of the TV, showing the current winner full screen every few seconds kept us from having to get up and check who is winnng.
1/14/2002 - Prototype was born and brain stormed over what features would be necessary, lots of hard-coded values, awkward square selection interface - but it worked.
1/12/2002 - Started out as concept to make our Superbowl party more fun, and we were tired of using cardboard and rulers trying to draw even lines and then looking for something to draw random numbers, always ended up writing the numbers zero through nine on tiny pieces of paper.

How to setup a football squares pool

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