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Football Squares FAQ


Q: Can the users select squares online?

No, the software is designed to be run at the superbowl/tailgate party where everyone gets to choose their own square.

A couple of people have filled in all the squares with numbers 0-99 and exported an image of the board to a website, then taken square requests via email and reposted the image of the board as the requests came in.

Q: How do I run multiple boards?

On the menu, save the Board as.. Board1.xml, and reload Board1.xml for managing that board. Also, you can run multiple instances of the software, each with their own board.

Q: How do I select the squares?

Enter a players name in the entry field, then either point and click to select the square, or by pressing the 'choose' random button, and then the players name will appear in the square.

Q: How do I change a square?

Double click a square and enter the 'admin' password, this will allow you to change the name on the square. Deleting all the contents will put it back in the available squares.

Q: How do I pay Later?

Press the 'buy' button, and then select the 'Pay Later' button on the Payment screen, this will make the players name appear in Green Italics, indicating they have not yet 'Settled up'.

Q: After marking players and paying later how do I settle up?

Click the menu (or right click the board) and select "Settle up" the players who need to settle up, will be listed in the dropdown list, select their name and press 'Paid'.

Q: How does the online portion work?

On game day, the software connects to our server to pull down the live scores and changes the boards winners as the game progresses. The scores are about 60 seconds behind the television broadcast, typically the game runnin on your machine catches up during the commercial.
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